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Lončar Projekt

About us

Lončar Projekt j.d.o.o is company founded in 2015. in Zagreb. We decided to offer our experience and quality to the market in form of our own services and products. What we do is projecting and drawing 3D models, and offering services of 3D printing. By merging theese three services we offer complete solution for our customers, from idea to final product. Also, we can project and realize wide spectrum of products, from automobile parts, across different models, jewelry, toys, decorations, name plates and other.

We will be happy to help your wishes come true!

What we do
Drawing and projecting 3D models

We offer you drawing and projecting 3D models of all kinds of products. From small products like tags and decorations to big 3D models of buildings and parts for vehicles.

3D print service

After we render 3D model we can print those models using 3D printers. Also, we can print up to 10 pieces of size 20x20x18cm in the same time using finalized 3D drafts.

Development and maintenance of websites

Also we're offering services of development and maintenance of websites. When creating websites, we follow the latest technology like Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, etc.